Sydney Live Agenda 2021
2022: Life After Cookies

Everyone’s talking about it. But what’s really going to happen when the cookie crumbles in 2022? AdNews Sydney Live will unveil never-before-seen research and opinions from the industry’s advertising and marketing elite. Join us on May 27 from 1pm as we bring together agencies, marketers and publishers for an exclusive look at what a cookieless advertising market means for the sector. 

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AdNews publisher Assia Benmedjdoub

1.35pm - 2.00pm
OPENING KEYNOTE - 2022: Putting privacy first again
Google APAC head of privacy Jessica Martin
The ad supported web has delivered profound benefits for people, businesses and communities. But today, the advertising ecosystem is facing an erosion of trust, as people and governments seek more privacy and control over data and how it is used. Jessica will explore why the ad-supported web needs to evolve to better support privacy and maintain trust - and how Google is working towards this goal in collaboration with industry and other stakeholders. This includes the 2019 announcement sharing Google’s intent to phase out third-party cookies, and subsequent updates on industry collaboration and progress being made on privacy preserving alternatives through the ‘Privacy Sandbox’.  

2.00pm - 2.25pm
EXCLUSIVE - Navigating the new advertising ecosystem
Facebook head of marketing science ANZ Andy Ford + more to be announced soon.
Looking ahead at the future of advertising, it’s important to acknowledge that things will look different than they do today. A lot of people have raised deeply felt concerns about data and its use by advertisers. New laws, changes by platforms, COVID-19 and ultimately consumer demand for more privacy will deliver industry innovations. During this session, Accenture and Facebook will launch an Australian whitepaper that looks into the evolving methodologies, data strategies and measurement culture of this new ads ecosystem.

2.25pm - 2.55pm 
PRESENTATION - Life after cookies: The Great Heist
Foxcatcher managing director David Gaskill
The human race is a species that has evolved with intrinsic networks and connections. Our ability to seek out an audience is rooted in our interests and behaviours, long predating the internet and cookies. Finding an audience is not uniquely an online challenge, detectives and law enforcement have been doing it for centuries. The great heist to find audiences in 2022 will challenge us to reinvent the way we connect and learn a little more about each other. 

2.55pm - 3.20pm
PANEL - Digital advertising’s escape from the Wild West
Bohemia partner James Collier, Publicis Groupe ANZ chief product officer & Performics Mercerbell CEO Jason Tonelli, Reprise incoming CEO Maria Grivas, Mindshare head of adtech and audience Charlotte Banister, The Trade Desk ANZ senior director, trading Lachlan McDivitt
It’s time to say goodbye to the Wild West of data provided by third-party cookies as digital advertising reverts to a people-first, privacy-first approach. Next year will see a shake-up in how agencies help clients identify and target audiences, as well as having impacts on the open internet advertising ecosystem. With a number of solutions at the table, what will 2022 look like for those on the buy-side of the industry? Join these leaders in a discussion on what the true impacts will be for adland next year and just how prepared they are for what’s to come.

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3.45pm - 4.10pm
PRESENTATION - Brand focus: How Optus is future proofing itself for a cookieless future
Optus director, customer acquisition and marketing Angela Greenwood
Angela will share key insights and practical tips from the front lines of future proofing digital marketing and media measurement at one of Australia’s strongest brands, and demonstrate why it takes a village - not just a tech stack - to set marketers up for success in a cookieless future.

4.10pm - 4.40pm 
PANEL - Cookies are out, so which dessert are marketers reaching for next?
L’Oreal chief marketing officer Matthijs van der Putten, Kathmandu chief customer officer Eva Barrett, Arktic Fox founder & director Teresa Sperti
As third-party cookies crumble, marketers are in need of a new data-driven dessert to fuel their digital strategies and prove actual results from their campaigns. All puns aside, next year will see a big shift for data-driven marketing as brands seek out ways to stay connected with their customers. Personalisation and measurement strategies as marketers know them are set to change, so what solutions do they have in place? Hear from senior marketers as they discuss their plans for life without cookies.

4.40pm - 5.10pm
PANEL - Are content and context the new cookies?
Foxtel Media executive director, agency sales Nev Hasan, News Corp general manager data & ad product Suzie Cardwell, Seven network digital sales director Nicole Bence, SCA head of digital sales and operations Jonathan Mandel, moderated by Integral Ad Science country manager Jessica Miles
With third-party cookies now defunct, there is a new opportunity for publishers to connect with audiences across different media platforms through premium content. At the same time, the increasing amount of first-party data held by publishers is set to become pure gold for advertisers seeking to connect with the right audience in a privacy-first era and across channels including BVOD and digital audio. Join these publishers in a discussion on the role content and context will play next year and how the shift to a more holistic, omni-channel approach to targeting audiences will come together.

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