Here is the complete list of categories for 2020/21 AdNews Agency of the Year Awards:

A.               Creative Agency of the Year

B.               Media Agency of the Year

C.              Independent Agency of the Year

D.              Small Agency of the Year (Headcount under 25)

E.               Digital Agency of the Year

F.               PR Agency of the Year

G.              Content Agency of the Year

H.              Branding and Design Agency of the Year

I.                 Ad Campaign of the Year

J.                Media Campaign of the Year

K.               Small Budget Media Campaign of the Year (Less than $500,000)

L.               Social Media Campaign of the Year

M.              Best Use of Data in Campaign Planning

N.              Best Use of Content

O.              Brand Partnership Award

P.               Social Responsibility/Pro Bono Award

Q.              Diversity Award

R.              The Game Changer Award

S.               Emerging Leader of the Year

T.               Employer of the Year (headcount over 75)

U.              Employer of the Year (headcount under 75)

V.               Marketing Team of the Year

W.             Media Trading Team of the Year

X.               The AdNews Effectiveness Award